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PSB Skill Development Membership  Basketball · Male Teams

Mar 2 ’19
Jan 30 ’20
Group Fees
Regular $979.00 per player + 1.5% Processing Fee
Individual Fees
Regular $979.00 + 1.5% Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available

Our Skill Development Membership is offered to players with a strong desire to learn, improve, and attend as many of our skill development events and programs as possible. The goal of this membership is to help these players improve their skills through clinics, camps, academies, etc. 

These events will be run by our experienced and knowledgeable coaches who will track player's improvement and be ready to fill in open team spots if desired.

The Membership includes:

- 10 Clinics ($45/each) of your choice

- 2 Summer Camps ($225/each) of your choice

- 1 Holiday Camp ($100/each) of your choice

- 1 Spring Academy and 1 Fall Academy ($295 each)

- 1 Online Shooting Course ($75)

The MSRP of all of these programs is about $1,700, but you can get all of the above for $979 total which can be broken up into monthly installments of $89/month, which means it's a savings of over $700!

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